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Tuesday October 13, 2015 6:57:14pm
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Monday October 12, 2015

Well, a LOT has happened in the last month so let's get right to it.

Things are still moving along with my leg. I now have an official diagnosis thanks to an MRI: Stress fracture of my femur. Yup - I'm basically walking around with a broken leg. Now, this is actually great news as it means I do not need any surgery for meniscus tear or ACL repair or anything. It will pretty much heal on its own. Doctor and physio are giving me 3-4 more weeks and then I should be good to go. I was very relieved when I saw the MRI report.

This past weekend was the AA Saputo Cup in Drummondville and I was invited to go as an Assessor. It was a great tournament and the Referees that I assessed did very well. There were no controversies that I was aware of (certainly not on my games) and it was very enjoyable. As I was the only active National Referee there, it really was a lot of fun sharing my experiences and imparting my "wisdom" on these young kids. I think they appreciated my comments and assessments as I did receive a lot of thank yous after the fact - so that always feel great.

Now, since I haven't posted anything in a while, I have been negligent in my news-announcing responsibilities to mention that I received the role of the Colonel in LLO's production of Patience! It's a fantastic role and he's got a couple of really good solos, a trio, quintet and sextet. I'm very thrilled and can't wait until show time.

At the end of September, "W" participated in try-outs for the "U8-Espoirs" (the U8-hopefuls), which is the first step to playing soccer at the Intercity level. The idea is that those selected from the tryouts would be eligible to go through the Winter Development program and then in March, players would be selected to form the official team that would compete against other U8 hopefuls in other clubs. At this level there are no stats or standings as it is only a development age. The "real" Intercity begins at U9. Well, I just found out this evening that she was selected - I am really thrilled! I hope she'll take it seriously.

So other than that - not much more of an update - I haven't ref'd any games because of my injury so there's no update there and LLO continues to move forward.


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